The Travelling Cat Chronicles by Hiro Arikawa

 A book is a magical thing that lets you travel to far-away places without ever leaving your couch.

A story of love, loss and an emotional bond between a cat and her human. Doesn’t matter whether your’e a dog person or a cat person or an iguana’s human. This book burrows deep into your heart and snuggles away.

A barrage of emotions ran through me as I travelled with Nana and Satoru. In our family, our furry member Lulu, always had a “voice”. And that is another heart warming feature of the book. 🙂

Nana has a voice. A strong willed cat (like her entire feline family) with a magnanimous heart, but only for Satoru.

“Humans who think we don’t understand them are the stupid ones.”

I love the wonderful scenic drives the kitty and her human take around Hokkaido. There’s this gorgeous narration of Japanese landscapes. The beautiful birch trees, the pampas grass overflowing on both sides of the road, flowing like the waves of the sea. How long will their travels together last?

“Nana, you said his name is?” “Yeah. Because his tail’s hooked into the shape of a seven.” I didn’t think we needed to explain the origin of my name to every passing stranger, but Satoru was always so conscientious when it came to things like that.” 

Enjoy this one with your furry ones.


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