The 3 Islands Tour- Chronicles of Croatia

Our three islands tour was with Grayline. With 2 hour stop-overs in Pakleni, Hvar and Bol, we pretty much island hopped and skipped back to Split.

The Island of Hvardd-132

Take one half Ibiza, one half St. Tropez, sprinkle some Lavender and what you have is Hvar. Known for its nightlife and expensive yachts this town is a paradise away from heaven. Don’t forget to buy lavender laced goodies to take back home. A little expensive than on mainland Split, but it was stamped “Made in Hvar”, which honestly sealed the deal .

Our tour guide mentioned that Hvar is the sunniest place in Europe, getting an estimated 2718 hours of sunshine annually!! Marketing gimmick or fact? Don’t know about that, but we were definitely burnt toast by the end of our trip.

Hanibal Lucić of Hvar

I wouldn’t really recommend going here unless you are a fan of this Croatian poet and playwright (I hadn’t heard of him, unfortunately). But the pot of Agave you see below the sign to the museum has an interesting story. The nuns of the Benedictine Monastery made lace out of leaves of Agave. Yo will find a museum for that as well in Hvar. We didn’t do that either. My suggestion is to just walk the streets of Hvar and enjoy the food and nightlife instead.

‘The Hanibal Lucic Museum, his statue and an Agave pot


In the picture below you will notice the fort of Hvar.













Hanibal Lucic



The weekend market at Hvar



Pakleni Islands

Beautiful, but there’s absolutely nothing to do.




Carpe Diem beach. They said it was a beach. It was pointy stones interspersed with feet numbing pebbles which made barefoot walking a stunt. Nice to soak up some sun. But otherwise quite a boring spot. Unless you are partying there of course. The place itself is really beautiful but so are many things around Hvar.

BeFunky Collage.jpg

Island of Braç a town called bol and it’s tongue shaped Zlatni Rat Beach



Next time I go to Croatia, I’m spending a week on this beach. A little train took us from the Bol harbor, up through some woods and down again to the effervescent blue and white shores of Zlatni rat. Swim, drink, play, nap and eat. And that is all folks.

By the way, did I say MUST MUST VISIT.



Do the island tour thing if you are pressed for time and are travelling as a family. It isn’t worth the time or patience to float around on a catamaran only to visit an island for two hours. I would have liked to skip the Pakleni islands unless I was going clubbing there. I would have loved to spend a week on the Zlatni rat beach, mind you, ONLY in off season.

Pick your island and stay put to enjoy it.



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